Hiring? Here Are a Few Key Elements You Should Look for in a Cover Letter

October 19th, 2018

Like most employers and accounting recruiting agencies, you require candidates to submit a resume and cover letter when applying for open positions at your company. When written properly, this is a fantastic way to learn more about the person and their fit for your team.

The only problem is, many people don’t get the cover letter right. Instead of providing new information that complements their resume, they simply restate it or offer up something generic. If you’re not exactly sure what constitutes a great cover letter, here are a few tips to help you spot one.

Four Key Elements to Look for in a Cover Letter

Personalized Address

A standard letter is always addressed to the recipient by name, so a cover letter shouldn’t be any different. This is easy if your name is listed on the job posting, but chances are, it isn’t. Give extra points to those who take the time to conduct a search to find the person behind the posting — i.e., you.

Emotional Connection

There’s a lot of accounting openings to choose from, but you want to hire someone with their sites set on this particular job at your company. Therefore, the cover letter should always include a couple sentences explaining what attracted them to the job and why they think they’re a great fit. Employees with a true passion for the work tend to stay on staff much longer than those just chasing a paycheck.

Action Items

You want to hire someone willing to roll their sleeves up and get to work. Prior to applying, the best candidates conduct plenty of research on your company to learn as much as possible about it. As naturally ambitious people, they want to make an impact, so they’ll highlight an issue or two currently faced by your business and explain how they could fix it. This is the kind of motivated professional who will truly make your team better.

Proven Results

Talk is cheap, so you need a candidate who can put their money where their mouth is. Accomplished people are more than willing to share their achievements, so look for numbers and statistics that back up these statements. This helps legitimize their skills and put them into context.

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