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Three Reasons Why You Should Connect With 50 People on LinkedIn EVERY Day

February 12th, 2018

You maintain a laid back work environment where spending a few minutes on LinkedIn throughout the day is encouraged. Typically, you use this time to see what those in your network are up to and maybe send a request to connect or two. What you don’t realize is you should actually be connecting with 50 new people each day.

At first, this number might sound a bit high, but it’s not. The more people you know, the more opportunities at your fingertips, so get online and start connecting.

Three Reasons to Make 50 LinkedIn Connections Daily

Chances are, you don’t know enough people to expand your LinkedIn network by 50 each day, without sending invites to strangers. While a bit intimidating, this gives you the opportunity to break out of your bubble and connect with an entirely new set of professionals.

Meet New People

Having an expansive network is never a bad thing. When you’re looking to hire, you’ll already have several possible candidates right in front of you. On the flip side, if you ever decide to leave your current job, you’ll already have a vast amount of connections at other employers.

Beyond hiring possibilities, new contacts can turn into new clients, new partnerships, and open the door to other business opportunities that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

Promote Your Company

Making new contacts on LinkedIn is a great way to get your company name out there. Especially helpful for smaller businesses, many people who receive your request to connect will conduct an online search for you company to see what it’s all about. This will raise brand awareness and get your busineses on the radar of as many people as possible.

Gain a Larger Audience

If you regularly publish content on LinkedIn, you want to maximize your readership. When you have a large amount of connections, your posts will naturally gain more traffic, because they’ll appear in a high volume of feeds. Plus, when you write something that really resonates with people, they’ll share it with their own connections, further increasing your audience.

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Is Your Team’s Laid Back Personality Giving Off the Right Business Vibe in the Office?

March 15th, 2016

In the past, employees dressed in business professional attire for work each day, used formal titles to address their boss, and followed a strict 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. schedule. These days, business has become inherently more casual — and in most cases, this is a good thing. However, there’s a fine line between laid back and just plain unprofessional, so it’s important to make sure your company doesn’t cross into the territory of the latter.

4 Signs Your Laid Back Office is Bit Too Relaxed

If any of these situations sound familiar, your super casual office may have spun a bit out of control and your team might be too laid back at work.

Employees Are Habitually Tardy.

It’s okay to occasionally look the other way when an employee sleeps through his alarm, but it’s not alright if people habitually come into work whenever they please. The work day starts at a certain time for a reason and when employees are constantly late, your bottom line suffers.

People Are Taking Advantage of Sick Days.

If your company is one of the many that offers unlimited sick days, it’s important to make sure your generosity isn’t being taken advantage of. Consider reinstating a set number of sick days if you notice people seem to be using them in excess.

You Don’t Have a Dress Code.

Not having a dress code is a recipe for disaster — even if your work environment is a casual one. All it takes is one employee to come into the office wearing something grotesquely inappropriate that is offensive to others. Play it safe and institute a formal policy of what is and isn’t acceptable to wear to work.

Management Isn’t Getting the Respect They Deserve.

Your management team is friendly and approachable, but this doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a certain level of respect from their subordinates. If employees constantly overstep boundaries and behave in a generally arrogant manner within your laid back work environment, it’s time to demand some serious attitude adjustments.

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