The Best Ways to Cut Down on Hiring Time to Get Effective Employees in FASTER

November 23rd, 2018

You needed to hire new employees yesterday but, unfortunately, the process isn’t exactly moving at the speed of light. Finding the right new employees is proving more challenging than you thought, which is costing you a lot of time and money.

Accounting recruiting agencies can be monumentally helpful in this situation, but more on that later. It’s very possible to speed hiring up, without sacrificing quality. Use these tips to find the right employees in record time.

Four Ways to Speed Up Your Hiring Process

Write Better Job Descriptions

Recycling job descriptions every time a position opens up is easy, but cutting corners can cause you to attract the wrong candidates. The scope of most jobs changes at least a little over time, so they need to be properly marketed. If you’re selling the wrong job, you’re going to get the wrong applicants. When a position is vacated, take the time to write the job description from scratch to ensure it’s accurately portrayed.

Streamline the Interview Stage

Interviewing new team members should be a relatively straightforward process. If yours isn’t, take a closer look to see what’s holding things up. You could be requiring candidates to meet with too many different people, making it impossible for everyone to decide on a final pick. Similarly, you might be drawing the interview process out across several different days, when it could be condensed into one or two.

Partner With a Staffing Firm

Hiring often gets pushed to the backburner, because managers are already busy enough with their own jobs. When hiring is added into the mix, they can’t just drop everything and focus exclusively on filling a position, but a recruiter can.

Since recruiters hire for a living, they know exactly where to look to find the right candidates. In fact, the best ones maintain talent pools filled with active and passive job seekers who might be your next great hire. Their invaluable expertise and extensive contact list will have your position filled in no time at all.

Check References Early On

Most employers wait to check references until the final stage of the hiring process, but this can be problematic. If you find a glaring red flag, you’ll be forced to eliminate the person after you’ve invested a great deal of time in them. It’s much more efficient to reach out to references after the first round of interviews, so you don’t waste time on a candidate who really is too good to be true.

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The Key to Providing Honest Feedback to Candidates You Will Not Be Hiring

June 15th, 2018

When filling an open position at your company, you want to find the right fit just as badly as candidates want to be the right fit. Your side of the hiring process can get pretty hectic, so it’s easy to forget you hold these candidates’ future in your hands.

As Seattle accounting recruiters, Accountingpros Recruiting + Staffing knows how much stock most candidates put into the interview process. Therefore, those who aren’t selected deserve to know why they were passed up.

The key to providing honest feedback is to put yourself in their shoes. You might not want to dedicate any more attention to candidates you’re not hiring, but if the situation was reversed, you’d want them to give you this respect. Take the time to talk to them and give honest feedback that can help them learn and grow, so they’re better equipped to get the next job.

How to Give Honest Feedback to Candidates You’ve Eliminated


Be Gentle

There’s a big difference between being honest and just plain brutal. Sometimes the truth hurts, but you don’t have to make it sting even harder. Be cognizant of your delivery, because the manner in which you relay a message can make a world of difference. Mix positive feedback in with the negative, so you don’t break the person’s spirit.

Get Specific

The more detailed your feedback the better. You want to help the candidate make positive changes, so you need to provide specific examples of things they did right and wrong. A vague critique might be easier to deliver, but its effectively pointless, because it won’t give the person any takeaways to learn from.

Offer Tips to Improve

Feedback in itself is helpful, but take it a step further by accompanying it with a few suggestions to turn things around. As someone who has interviewed the candidate, you’re in a unique position to provide advice tailored specifically to them. If you don’t point them in the right direction, some people will inadvertently make the same mistake in their next interview, so cover all the bases.

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Why You Should Hire an “Outside-of-the-Box” Thinker Instead of a Process-Driven Individual

March 7th, 2018

When working to fill open positions on your team, you’ll find two very different types of candidates — those who think outside the box and those who are solely process driven. It doesn’t matter if you’re hiring accounting contract support in Seattle or filling any other type of position, it’s always wise to focus on people who dare to be different.

Process-driven individuals are practically-minded people who always follow the rules, which is nice, but they won’t propel your company to the top. When you compile a team of employees who think outside the box, the sky’s the limit, because they’re not afraid to cut through the red tape.

Four Reasons to Hire Professionals Who Think Outside the Box

Increased Creativity

Process-driven professionals are practical thinkers who don’t put much stock in originality, but following standard protocol won’t earn you a competitive advantage. Those with a think-outside-the-box mentality are natural creatives who see things from a different perspective. Their unique vision can be helpful in everything from finding inventive ways to cut costs to come up with ideas for brilliant new products and services.

Push Toward Innovation

Doing things the way they’ve always been done is the standard for process-driven individuals because, in this mindset, there’s no need to fix something that isn’t broken. This strategy doesn’t leave much room for innovation because it’s hard to move forward when using the same old tactics. On the other hand, outside-the-box thinkers are constantly on the path to advancement, because they’re always trying something new.

Quickly Adaptable

It’s hard for process-driven individuals to switch gears, because their strategy is largely rigid. If you need to adjust business operations, doing so will take them awhile, because they’ll have to re-write their rulebook. Conversely, those who think outside the box are inherently flexible, because they have the capacity to change course on a dime. Just give them the word and they’ll get right to work on any new initiative put in front of them.

Seamless Problem-Solving

When the going gets rough, process-driven professionals get frustrated. Unless there’s a page in their rulebook that specifically addresses how to handle a specific problem, they’ll go into panic mode. Those who think outside the box are very different in a crisis, because they’re quick thinkers whose minds are always open to new ideas. They actually enjoy the problem-solving process, because it gives them a chance to put their creativity to work.

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Establishing a Pyramid of Diversified Leadership in Your Company: Creating Middle Management That People Like!

March 17th, 2017

Middle managers are hugely important to the success of your company, but many get a bad rap. Often forced to take the heat from both upper management and staff-level employees, this role can easily take a toll on a person.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be this way. Accountingpros Recruiting + Staffing — the best way to find top accounting temps in Seattle — shares tips to help your middle managers earn a positive reputation.

Ways to Create Well-Liked Middle Managers

Promote Wisely

Everyone isn’t management material — and that’s okay. However, middle management is the only path to advancement at many companies. If this is the case at your organization, it’s time to make a change. Only those with leadership skills, who work well with others should be placed in middle management roles. Your most talented employee might work circles around everyone else, but that alone is not an indicator they’re primed for management.

Provide Proper Training

Middle management is a job that requires proper training. Staff-level employees are frequently thrown into this role without any formal preparation, so they have no idea what they’re doing. You can’t expect someone to excel at a job they’ve never had without proper guidance, so create a training program for all new managers. This will help them learn how to be an effective manager that engages and inspires their team.

Give Them a Voice

Serving as the liaison between executives and staff-level employees puts middle managers in a unique position to see the company from many different angles. Rather than simply using them to funnel information to their team, allow them to have a seat at the table. Employees respect a manager who listens to their needs and goes to bat for them, so give your middle managers the opportunity to make a difference.

Treat Them Well

Working in middle management can feel like a thankless job, as they’re often put in the middle between their boss and their team. Consequently, a striking 51% of U.S. managers are not engaged and 14% are actively disengaged, according to a 2015 Gallup poll. When miserable, it’s hard to be a likeable manager, so be good to them. Pay them well, provide special perks, treat them with respect, and don’t force them to be the bad guy by constantly pitting them against their direct reports. Happy managers who enjoy their jobs make great bosses.

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