The Key to Looking for a Job When You’re Currently Employed

April 30th, 2019

When you’re gainfully employed, searching for Spokane accounting job opportunities is simultaneously exciting and nerve-wracking. You’re eager to see what the future has in store, but you’re anxious that your current employer will discover your intent to leave the company.

Losing your job — and the paycheck that comes with it — before you find a new one isn’t an option, so discretion is the key to success. Use these tips to keep your search under wraps.

Five Ways to Discretely Look for a New Job

Don’t Search at Work

You might think you can get away with searching the Internet for jobs on your lunch break, but that’s playing with fire. Someone might see your computer screen, or unbeknownst to you, it’s possible your boss monitors your search history. Do yourself a favor and leave your job search at home.

Keep Your Resume Off Job Boards

Many candidates post their resume to job boards as part of the search process, but this isn’t exactly a covert move. These boards are public, so your current employer could come across your resume. It’d be pretty be hard to explain your way out of that one, so just don’t do it.

Work With a Recruiter

Taking on a staffing partner is an excellent way to maintain a confidential search. Simply tell your recruiter you need to practice discretion, and they’ll exercise caution every step of the way. This is an incredibly common request, so staffing agencies are experts at protecting candidates’ privacy.

Try to Schedule Interviews During Off-Hours

Job interviews can be tricky when you’re currently employed. If you take a few hours off work for an appointment once or twice, your boss probably won’t think anything about it. However, you’ll likely raise eyebrows if this becomes a regular occurrence. Therefore, it’s best to try to schedule job interviews before or after work. This might not always be possible, but try to use this practice as a general rule of thumb.

Choose References Wisely

It’s common sense that you should never ask your current boss or colleagues to serve as a reference. However, you also need to be mindful when asking co-workers from your past. Don’t ask anyone who has close contacts at your current company or with a gossipy nature, as they might not be so discrete about serving as a reference.

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How to Ace an Out-of-State Interview

November 7th, 2014

Whether you’re tired of the cold weather in your current city or simply want to be closer to family, looking for a new job out-of-state is a major change. It is certainly possible to score a new position while living long-distance, but it takes significantly more time, effort and dedication than needed when interviewing locally.

5 Tips to Succeed in an Out-of-State Interview

Looking to start over in a new state? Follow these five tips to achieve your goal:

Seek a Promotion

Pursuing a lateral career move may serve as a pricey decision. It’s important to research the job’s pay range and cost of living in each city you apply for work, as the same position there may pay less, but have a higher cost of living. Search for jobs that would be a promotion to increase your chances of coming out ahead financially in the new city.

Be Ready to Travel on Short Notice

In most cases, companies expect out-of-state candidates to comply with interview requests on short notice, just as with local contenders. Be prepared to take time off work and head out-of-town with just a few days or one week’s notice. You’ll quickly be passed over if you can’t comply.

Allow Extra Room in Travel Plans

When traveling to a new city for an interview, it’s important to expect the unexpected. Never arrive the same day or on the eve your interview, as you may experience delays, causing you to miss your meeting or not have adequate time to prepare. Make sure you have time to get a good night’s rest, organize your thoughts and plenty of time to spare if you get lost on the way to the office.

Ask for Your Itinerary

There’s a good chance your interview will last most of the day, especially if the company paid your travel expenses. Request a copy of your interview in advance, so you can plan ahead. Knowing exactly who you’re meeting with throughout the day allows you to conduct a little background research on each person, ensuring you’re well-prepared.

Don’t Anticipate Rockstar Treatment

As an out-of-state candidate, making it to the interview is a really big deal to you. However, the company is probably vetting a number of other candidates, so don’t expect to be treated any better than those who live in the area. Of course your interviewers should be nice to you, but most probably won’t disrupt their day to cater to you.

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