Looking Back on 2018, These Were Our Most Popular Job Seeker Resources

December 28th, 2018

As local recruiters, Provisional Accounting knows how challenging it can be to find engaging and rewarding accounting work in Seattle. If you have the right skills, you probably won’t have much trouble securing a new opportunity, considering the Seattle area unemployment rate was just 3.3% as of October 2018, but you don’t want just any job.

Connecting top talent with outstanding local companies is what we do, so each month, Provisional Accounting shares multiple resources for job seekers like you. Here’s a look at our three most popular career-related posts of 2018.

How to Refocus Your Energy When Work Becomes Tedious and Uneventful

Everyone has slow days at work now and again, but if monotony has become your new normal, this isn’t acceptable. You deserve to feel happy and fulfilled at work, so we offered a few tips to help you make a positive change. This included switching up your routine, branching out from your current responsibilities, learning a new skill, and if none of those ideas work, seeking new opportunities. Read more.

Career-Boosting Resolutions to Continue on the Path to Success

Originally written for 2018 resolutions, this post is more applicable than ever this time of year. Setting career-minded New Year’s resolutions now — or a few months down the road, if you’re a little late to the party — will help you get on track and stay focused. In this post, we shared four career-boosting resolutions to consider putting on your list. This included figuring out where you’re headed, making networking a priority, focusing on continued growth, and eliminating unproductive habits. Read more.

Question: How Do I Tell My Current Boss I Found a New Job Opportunity?

Getting a new job is beyond exciting, but quitting your current one can be difficult. Unless you’re exiting a really terrible work environment, you’re probably feeling a little bittersweet and quite nervous about breaking the news to your boss. To help ease the pressure, we offered five tips to tell your manager about your new opportunity. You’ll want to make sure they hear it from you, deliver your resignation promptly, display gratitude, briefly explain why you’re leaving, and offer to assist in the transition. Read more.

Planning to start searching for a new accounting job in 2019? Provisional Accounting is here to assist every step of the way. Get in touch today to find a temporary/contract, contract-to-hire, or direct-hire opportunity with a top Seattle area employer!