Seeing Calm in the Chaos: How to Regroup Among an Otherwise Crazy Day

October 27th, 2017

Some days are much crazier than others, but if you’re able to stay calm, you’ll get through it just fine. Busy periods like quarter-end and tax season can fluster even the most composed people, so you have to know how to find the calm in the chaos.

As one of the top accounting recruiting agencies in the Northwest, Accountingpros Recruiting + Staffing knows a thing or two about navigating a hectic day. Use these tips to maintain your cool and end the day on a high note.

Get Organized

Feeling out of control can make your stress levels rise, so establish a sense of structure. Make a list of every task you need to complete before the end of the day and create a schedule to accomplish it all. When you have a plan in place, it’s a lot easier to stay on track.

Make Your Well-Being a Priority

During a hectic day, it’s easy to develop tunnel vision, but you’ll run out of steam if you don’t take care of yourself. Stop for lunch and be cognizant of the amount of water you’re drinking. You might think you don’t have time to eat, but you can’t afford not to. Keeping your stomach full and your body hydrated will give you the energy needed to power through the day.

Step Away for a Few Minutes

Breaks aren’t typically a priority on a busy day, but they should be. Heading outside for a quick walk or making a trip to the coffee shop will clear your mind and help you relax. Spending the day in a hectic work environment can take a toll, so having a few minutes of peace can make all the difference.

Expect the Unexpected

Chaotic days are often filled with surprises, so assume everything won’t go according to plan. You can’t do anything about curveballs that throw your day off-course, but you can control your reaction. Try to take things in stride, because no problem is too big for you to solve.

Relax and Unwind

Take some time for yourself at the end of the day. Hit the gym, binge-watch a few of your favorite TV shows, or enjoy a long, hot soak in the tub. This will allow you to decompress and leave the stress of the day behind you. Winding down will help you fall asleep, allowing you to wake up feeling energized the next morning.

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