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Are Your Best Employees Looking For a New Job Without You Knowing?

December 12th, 2017

Your best employees make your company a success. They come up with the savviest ideas, work circles around everyone else, and motivate their peers to reach their potential. Therefore, it’s important to keep them happy — and to recognize subtle signs they’re discontent.

Catching on early might give you the chance to convince them to stay, but at the very least, it will allow you to have accounting temps on hand to pick up the slack, so their departure doesn’t leave the team short-staffed.

Four Signs Your Best Employees Have One Foot Out the Door

Excessive Lateness and Absenteeism

Top talent didn’t get to where they are today by having a perpetually spotty attendance record. If employees start showing up late to work, taking abnormally long lunch breaks, or calling in sick at the last minute — without showing any signs of illness — take this as cause for concern. There’s a good chance they’re out of the office interviewing for a new job, so be extra weary if they’ve recently started dressing nicer.

Lack of Participation in Meetings

You can always count on your best workers to come to meetings prepared and ready to contribute, so if they’ve recently gone mute, this is more than just a coincidence. When people mentally check out of their jobs, they’re no longer interested in coming up with new ideas or offering their opinions to keep the team moving forward.

Change in Attitude

If your previously pleasant, enthusiastic workers haven’t been themselves lately, this could mean their exit is imminent. When people are unhappy in their jobs, they can only put on a happy face for so long before they stop trying. This change in attitude can also impact their work ethic, because they’re not going to be motivated to put in overtime when they’re on their way out.

Hesitancy to Commit to Future Projects

Something is definitely up if your previously energic workers don’t want to discuss the future. If they’re hesitant to be put on projects that will span several weeks or months, this might be rooted in a realization that they probably won’t be on staff for the entire duration. Additionally, if you catch them training others to complete assignments that have always been their responsibility, take this as a red flag.

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