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Simplified Strategies to Help You Become a Better Leader this Month!

July 14th, 2017

Right now, some leaders are only interested in working on their tans, but you’re better than that. You’re committed to sharpening your leadership skills, and like any talented professional, you’ve set an actionable deadline — the end of this month.

Being an effective leader takes hard work and dedication. The accounting recruiters at Accountingpros Recruiting + Staffing understand guiding a team of people isn’t easy, so follow this advice to sharpen your strategy.

5 Tips to Become a Better Leader in July

Get to Know Your Employees

You have a great team of people, so take some time to bond with them this month. Ask them to lunch or for after-work drinks to get acquainted outside the confines of the office. It’s hard for people to respect a leader who doesn’t take any interest in them, so let them know you care.

Learn From Your Mistakes

No one is perfect, including you. Be humble enough to admit your mistakes, learn from them, and move on. Anything but of waste of time, failure is an incredible teacher that will make you a stronger leader. If you adopt this approach, others will follow suit.

Stop Trying to Do It All

You have a lot on your plate, so let your team pitch in. Delegating work to others allows you to focus on top priorities and helps employees expand their skillsets. It might be a little hard to let go of certain tasks at first, but when you see how well your team handles their newfound responsibilities, you’ll wonder what took you so long to start this practice.

Empower Your Team

Micromanaging does nothing but frustrate your team. Your way of doing things is great, but it’s not the only means to successfully complete an assignment. Show employees you trust their judgement by giving them the freedom to tackle projects on their own terms. They’ll feel empowered by the independence, and you might even learn something from their approach.

Lead by Example

As a leader, people look to you for guidance. Your attitude and behaviors set the tone for the team, so make an example of yourself. For instance, if you tell employees to stay off Facebook at work, send the right message by following your own rule. This will allow you to gain their cooperation and respect.

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The Ultimate List of Power Words to Include on Your Resume

July 7th, 2017

Sometimes it’s not what you say, but how you say it that makes the largest impact. Employers read dozens of resumes with the same verbiage, so overhaul yours with power words that mean business. This sends the message that you’re a candidate ready to make an impact.

Unlike trendy buzzwords, these powerful terms won’t go out of style in a flash, so you can keep them intact for the duration of your job search. If there’s a certain employer you want to impress or just accounting recruiters in Seattle in general, these 10 authoritative terms will do the trick.

  • Oversaw: Swap this verb in for “managed.”
  • Launched: Choose this instead of “started.”
  • Advised: This sounds more powerful than “told.”
  • Clarify: A more polished choice than “explain.”
  • Identified: Use this instead of “found.”
  • Resolved: Substitute this power verb for “fixed.”
  • Boosted: A more commanding option than “increased.”
  • Merged: Use as a replacement for “combined.”
  • Negotiated: A better choice than “settled.”
  • Evaluated: Opt for this term over “researched.”

How to Incorporate Power Words Into Your Resume

Words that command the reader’s attention can be an incredible asset to your resume. However, their impact will be diminished if they’re not properly woven into the content. Make sure the word fits in place naturally, because anything less just sounds forced and awkward.

It’s also imperative that you’re fully aware of the power word’s definition. No matter how big and fancy a word sounds, you’ll be completely discredited if its placement doesn’t make sense. When in doubt, always err on the side of caution.

With that said, it’s time to give your resume a powerful revamp. Prepare to be amazed at how much different the same general content sounds when the right descriptors are in place. When you’re done, don’t forget to have at least one other person proofread it for you, to make sure it’s flawless before it reaches the desk of the person in charge of hiring.

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Back to the Fundamentals of Hiring All-Star Employees

June 27th, 2017

If you’re having trouble finding all-star employees, it’s time to head back to the basics. Anything but luck of the draw, choosing the best candidate for the job is a process. Taking shortcuts might allow you to fill the position faster, but probably won’t result in a great hire.

As experts in the field, the accounting recruiters at Accountingpros Recruiting + Staffing know a thing or two about choosing the right person for the job. Follow these tips to adjust your strategy.

Five Fundamentals of Hiring All-Star Employees


Hire for Cultural Fit

It’s easy to get sidetracked by the candidate with the flashiest resume, but that alone doesn’t make someone a great fit for your company. If the person doesn’t have a personality that meshes well with your team, they won’t last long — and in the interim, they’ll throw your whole dynamic off-kilter.

Check References

Calling a candidate’s references is an extra step that adds time onto the hiring process, but you can’t afford to skip it. Speaking with people the candidate has worked closely with in the past — e.g., former managers, colleagues, clients — can provide a first-hand glimpse at what they’d be like as part of your team. Find out about the person’s strengths, weaknesses, and if the reference would hire them again — when speaking with former managers — to decide if they’re right for your organization.

Don’t Overlook Red Flags

You don’t want to nitpick a candidate’s every move, but some offenses are worth noting. For example, if a candidate shows up late to a job interview, this is likely an indicator they don’t value punctuality. Similarly, if a candidate’s resume has a spelling error, don’t expect them to submit flawless work, if hired.

Make the Hiring Process a Group Effort

Every hiring decision you make effects the entire team, so you shouldn’t be the only one doing the interviewing. It’s okay to screen resumes yourself, but when you bring candidates in for an interview, include a portion for immediate team members to join in. They might pick up on things you won’t and this will give you the chance to see how the person interacts with the group.

Partner With a Recruiter

Staffing professionals fill open positions for a living, so partner with a local firm to make your search a success. Recruiters know exactly what to look for in the right candidate and they’re often the only way to connect with passive talent only looking to make a career move for the right opportunity. Many will even guarantee their placements, so if things don’t work out, they’ll find another candidate free of charge.

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Challenge Your Employees to Be Healthier in the Second Half of 2017!

June 20th, 2017

Healthy employees are happier and more productive, which can make your business more profitable. If your team spent much of the first half of 2017 sick, injured, or otherwise unwell, it’s time to help improve their well-being.

Accountingpros Recruiting + Staffing — one of the top Seattle temp agencies for accountants — wants to emphasize the positive impact you can have on the health of your employees. Even if you have a wellness program, sometimes people need an extra little push.

While traditionally put in place at the beginning of a new year, resolutions can be made any time. It’s not too late for your staffers to end 2017 on a healthy note, so get to work by instituting a fun contest everyone can get behind.

Five Challenges to Help Your Team Get Healthier

Literally a healthy competition, these activities can encourage your staffers to take better care of themselves. Encourage people to join in by choosing a challenge everyone can safely complete and offering an enticing reward. Do note, you can’t require or pressure any employee to participate, because doing so is unethical.

Steps Challenge

Give each employee a pedometer and have them track their steps for a month. It’s up to you whether you want to divide them into teams or make it an individual challenge. Prepare to see a surge in people taking lunchtime walks and opting for the stairs instead of the elevator.

Weight Loss Challenge

Encourage employees to start exercising and making better nutritional choices by dividing them into teams for a weight loss challenge. Within the group, people will cheer each other on and many will likely come up with activities to complete together to move toward their goal.

Take Control of Your Health Challenge

Many people don’t go to the doctor unless they’re feeling sick, but preventative care is essential to healthy living. Challenge your team to go to the doctor for a physical exam by the end of the year. If necessary, grant time off work for the visit. Reward those who make and keep an appointment.

Race to the Finish Line Challenge

Pay the registration fees for your employees to enter a local race — e.g., 5K, 10K, half marathon, marathon. Encourage them to train together at lunch or after work, so everyone can reach their goal of crossing the finish line.

Calorie Counting Challenge

To a degree, you are what you eat, so urge your team to keep track of what they’re putting in their bodies. Give employees a point for every day they record all their food and drink intake, because mindless eating can really pack on the pounds.

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Free Tips to Become a Better Listener

June 13th, 2017

Some people are naturally good listeners, while others require a bit of fine-tuning. If you fall into the latter category, you can turn this around by making a few key adjustments.

In life and business — especially when looking for a new job — the ability to listen to others is priceless. No one wants to have a conversation with someone who constantly interrupts, appears disinterested, or frequently asks them to repeat what they just said.

Accountingpros Recruiting + Staffing — one of the leading temp accounting employment agencies in Seattle — wants to help you become a better listener. Use these tips to master this invaluable skill that can help further your career.

Four Ways to Improve Your Listening Skills


Turn Your Devices Off

It’s hard to focus on the other person if you’re watching television or on your phone. When someone is talking to you, give them the respect they deserve by switching your devices off. You can’t truly concentrate on two things at once, so get your priorities in order.

Stop Planning Your Replies

When listening, it’s only natural to want to share your questions, comments, and concerns, but they’ll be plenty of time for that later. Practice active listening by concentrating solely on what the other person is saying, instead of your thoughts on the matter. You’ll have plenty of time to mull their words over when they’re finished speaking, so don’t miss key details by launching your mind into overdrive.

Envision Yourself on the Other Side of the Conversation

Trying to talk to someone who just won’t listen is irritating and impolite. You probably mean no disrespect, but it certainly doesn’t come off that way to the other person. Even if you’re not that interested in the conversation, display empathy by listening patiently. If the situation was reversed, you’d want the same consideration.

Take Notes

If appropriate — e.g., at a meeting or a conference — stay focused by taking notes. This can help organize your thoughts and provide you with a constructive activity that shows you’re listening. This can be very helpful if your mind tends to wander when you don’t have the floor.

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The Most Practical Interview Tips that Job Seekers Often Overlook

June 6th, 2017

You’ve landed an interview for a job you’re really excited about, and that’s fantastic! The hiring manager almost certainly received dozens of applications, but you stood out as a top prospect. Now it’s time to keep up the good work by making a great impression at the job interview.

To prepare, you’ll have your best suit dry cleaned, prepare responses to common interview questions and let your references know to be expecting a call. This is all great, but Accountingpros Recruiting + Staffing — one of the leading agencies for accounting jobs in Seattle — wants you to also put the following practical interview advice in motion.

4 Often-Overlooked Interview Tips

Test Drive Your Route

You might already know how to get to the interview site, and if you don’t, your GPS will lead the way. However, unless you’re intimately familiar with the area, it’s best to take a test drive. If possible, make a trip to the office at the same time of day as your interview, but if not, at least map the traffic during those hours so you know what to expect. Figure out where you’ll park, so you know exactly where to go on the big day, as being late won’t impress anyone.

Be Kind to Everyone

Clearly, you wouldn’t dream of being rude to your interviewer, but they’re not the only person who matters. The manner in which you treat everyone from the security guard to the administrative assistant matters. No one wants to hire a candidate who isn’t kind to everyone, so keep that in mind with every interaction.

Prepare a List of Questions

The interviewer will have plenty of questions for you, and they’ll expect the same in return. Candidates truly interested in the opportunity will want to know as much as possible about the position, the company, and the culture, so show your genuine interest in the position. If you don’t have any substantial questions to ask, the interviewer will assume you’re not truly passionate about the job.

Remember to Smile

Being nervous on a job interview is normal and perfectly understandable. When you’re uneasy in a situation, smiling probably isn’t your first reaction, so remind yourself to put one on your face. This makes you appear approachable and enthusiastic about the job. Displaying a stoic expression will make the interviewer wonder if you’re really excited about the position.

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Important Elements Every Job Seeker Should Include in Their Cover Letter

May 23rd, 2017

Anything but a formality, your cover letter can make or break your chances of scoring an interview. You need to put a great deal of time and effort into it, so it stands out from the rest. Short and sweet, it should be no longer than a few paragraphs. This requires a lot of detail to be worked into a relatively compact space, but it’s nothing you can’t handle.

Follow these tips from the accounting recruiters at Accountingpros Recruiting + Staffing to make sure your cover letter hits all the key marks.

Five Must-Have Cover Letter Essentials


No one wants to read a cover letter that could fit any number of jobs, at any company. Personalizing it to fit the specific opportunity takes extra time and effort, which isn’t lost on the reader. Start by addressing it to the hiring manager — do everything in your power to find their name — and continue by referring to the by job by the exact title listed in the posting.


Many job postings receive a high volume of applications, so companies scan cover letters for specific keywords, and those without a certain percentage of these words are often pushed to the side. Ensure yours makes the cut by carefully scanning the job description for words and phrases used multiple times. Work these keywords into your cover letter content in a manner that sounds natural, so you’ll make the cut.

Unique Content

Job seekers often make the mistake of simply restating their resume in the cover letter, but that’s just a waste of space. Use this valuable real estate to present new information to the hiring manager. This is your chance to really sell yourself and explain the value you can bring to the position. It’s also a great way to let your personality shine through and show your fit for the company culture.

Contact Information

It may seem obvious, but many job seekers forget to include contact information in their cover letter. You want it to be as easy as possible for the hiring manager to reach out and extend an interview invitation, so be sure your phone number and email address are clearly stated. If you have an online portfolio, blog, website or use any social networks strictly for professional purposes, this is also the place to share links to these pages.

Actionable Close

End the cover letter by reiterating your interest in the job and your enthusiasm for the next steps. Suggest the two of you meet in person for an interview or say you’ll follow up by email in a few days. This displays confidence, shows you’re not afraid to take initiative, and displays your genuine excitement about the position.

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Science Proves Going to Bed Early IS the Best Option for Increased Productivity

May 16th, 2017

It seems the early bird really does get the worm. If you want to be happier and more productive, it’s time to start going to bed earlier. Several studies have shown the benefits of turning in early, which can seriously change your life for the better.

Accountingpros Recruiting + Staffing — one of the leading Seattle Accounting recruiters — wants you to understand the power of a good night’s sleep. Find out what you can gain by sacrificing an hour of TV time for a little extra shut-eye.

Three Ways Sleep is Scientifically Proven to Boost Productivity

Become More Proactive

Waking up earlier in the morning can actually make you more proactive, according to a 2010 study conducted by biologist Christoph Randler. He found early risers anticipate problems and try to minimize them, which can lead to heightened job performance, a more successful career, and a higher paycheck.

Enjoy Increased Happiness and Less Stress

When you go to bed late, there’s a tendency to hit the snooze button several times, which ultimately starts your day on a chaotic note. A 2011 study conducted by Dr. Joerg Huber of Roehampton University found morning people to be healthier, happier, and have lower body mass indices.

If you think about it, this makes sense. When you get up with plenty of time to eat breakfast, complete your morning chores, get ready for work, and get out the door in time, your day starts on a pleasant, stress-free note. On the other hand, if you spring out of bed already late for work, you’re forced to leave the house in a frenzy, which sets the tone for a hectic day.

Combat Negative Thinking

Staying up late is correlated with higher levels of repetitive negative thinking, according to a 2014 study conducted by Jacob A. Nota and Meredith E. Coles. When you’re stressed about your job search or concerned about a big project with an upcoming deadline, going to bed early can actually help you manage these problems, instead of losing sleep over them. After a good night’s rest, you’ll wake up refreshed and clear-minded, allowing you to face the day with a positive outlook.

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The Most Important Tip You Can Provide to a Recent College Graduate

May 9th, 2017

Most college students spend four years preparing for life in the ‘real word,’ so upon graduation, they expect to find their dream job. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way — at least at first. Many new grads quickly become discouraged, because entry-level jobs aren’t always as glamorous as they seem and other positions require experience they don’t have.

The most important tip you can give these young professionals is not to give up. Everyone has to start somewhere, so help them remember this is only the very beginning of their career. From working with accounting agencies to putting in time at the bottom of the ladder, use this advice to help recent college graduates head down the right path.

Get Another Internship

Some internships are specifically for college students, but many are open to anyone interested in the learning experience. If the recent graduate is having trouble finding a job in their field, taking on another internship could be the best career move they’ll ever make. This will give them the chance to boost their resume, make new contacts, and if they make a great impression, they might even land a full-time gig with the company at the end of their program.

Seek the Assistance of a Recruiter

Many people incorrectly assume recruiters only place experienced candidates, but that’s not true. Companies count on recruiters to fill positions at all levels, so there’s plenty of openings fit for those new to the workforce. Beyond gaining access to opportunities not advertised to the public, recruiters can also help new graduates polish their resume and sharpen their interview skills.

Do the Grunt Work

Everyone has to start somewhere. Entry-level jobs aren’t always as exciting as recent college graduates image. Often, they involve tasks like making copies, answering phones, and doing basic data entry. This realization can be very discouraging, but it’s important that they stick with it. When new graduates prove they can handle basic tasks, their bosses begin to trust them with more responsibility, allowing them to gradually move up the ladder. Being patient will lead to bigger, better things.

Take Advantage of Every Learning Opportunity

New graduates have a lot to learn about business, so seizing every chance to learn is essential. They should ask to sit in on meetings — even if it means taking notes for the boss —pitch in when a colleague needs a helping hand, and volunteer to assist with anything and everything. This will make them invaluable to their team and help flesh out their resume.

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Three Reasons Why Your Team is Overwhelmed and Underperforming

May 2nd, 2017

You hired a great team of workers but, lately, they’ve been failing to meet your expectations. Previously calm, easygoing staffers now seem constantly stressed and agitated. If you think there’s no correlation between the two, you’re mistaken.

Get to the root of the problem with these insights from Accountingpros Recruiting + Staffing — one of the top accounting recruiting agencies in the Seattle area.

They Don’t Have Time to Focus

It’s hard to do great work when you don’t have time to get the job done right. If you’re constantly pulling your employees into meetings and otherwise taking them away from the work in front of them, it’s time to pull back and allow them to work uninterrupted.

Of course, that might not be the entire issue. Piling on projects that don’t really help your team move forward can also add to the stress. Take inventory of the assignments currently in your employees’ queue and put those not tied to company goals on hold — or eliminate them. There’s no need to bog your already stressed employees down with unnecessary busy work.

You’re Understaffed

If after auditing your team’s workload, they’re still weighed down with too much on their plates, you may need to hire more people. Your employees are only human. There’s limits to the amount of work they can accomplish in a day, a week, or a month. If you keep pushing them to the brink, they’ll hit burnout and you’ll likely lose them to other companies that treat them like people instead of robots.

They’re Lacking Necessary Resources

The amount of work your employees can accomplish largely depends on the equipment at their fingertips. If they’re forced to use outdated software, slow Internet, old computers, and other less-than-ideal resources, you can’t expect stellar results. Regularly upgrading dated equipment can easily become a major investment, but it’s one you can’t afford not to make. If you want your team to push boundaries with outstanding results, you have to give them the proper support.

Whether you’re looking for temporary accounting or finance talent to fill an interim gap or a direct-hire professional who perfectly meshes with your team, Accountingpros Recruiting + Staffing has you covered. Contact us today to start your search!