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Are Your Best Employees Looking For a New Job Without You Knowing?

December 12th, 2017

Your best employees make your company a success. They come up with the savviest ideas, work circles around everyone else, and motivate their peers to reach their potential. Therefore, it’s important to keep them happy — and to recognize subtle signs they’re discontent.

Catching on early might give you the chance to convince them to stay, but at the very least, it will allow you to have accounting temps on hand to pick up the slack, so their departure doesn’t leave the team short-staffed.

Four Signs Your Best Employees Have One Foot Out the Door

Excessive Lateness and Absenteeism

Top talent didn’t get to where they are today by having a perpetually spotty attendance record. If employees start showing up late to work, taking abnormally long lunch breaks, or calling in sick at the last minute — without showing any signs of illness — take this as cause for concern. There’s a good chance they’re out of the office interviewing for a new job, so be extra weary if they’ve recently started dressing nicer.

Lack of Participation in Meetings

You can always count on your best workers to come to meetings prepared and ready to contribute, so if they’ve recently gone mute, this is more than just a coincidence. When people mentally check out of their jobs, they’re no longer interested in coming up with new ideas or offering their opinions to keep the team moving forward.

Change in Attitude

If your previously pleasant, enthusiastic workers haven’t been themselves lately, this could mean their exit is imminent. When people are unhappy in their jobs, they can only put on a happy face for so long before they stop trying. This change in attitude can also impact their work ethic, because they’re not going to be motivated to put in overtime when they’re on their way out.

Hesitancy to Commit to Future Projects

Something is definitely up if your previously energic workers don’t want to discuss the future. If they’re hesitant to be put on projects that will span several weeks or months, this might be rooted in a realization that they probably won’t be on staff for the entire duration. Additionally, if you catch them training others to complete assignments that have always been their responsibility, take this as a red flag.

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Reaching Your Breaking Point? Make a Career Move Before 2018. Here’s How

December 5th, 2017

The holiday season is supposed to be the merriest time of the year, but if you’re seriously unhappy at work, this is probably impeding your ability to enjoy it. You’re probably planning to start searching for a new job in January, but there’s no need to delay.

Many companies put hiring on hold during the holidays, but the best ones are working with Seattle accounting recruiters right now to get a strong team in place by the new year. Don’t forget — tax season is just around the corner, so use this to your advantage by acting now.

Three Ways to Make a Career Move Right Now With a Staffing Partner

You’re far too talented to waste another day in job you hate. Step back from your breaking point by teaming up with a recruiter to find a new position immediately. Several different options are available, because you should always have complete control of your career.

Temporary/Contract Work

If you’re not ready to commit to another full-time job just yet, there’s plenty of temporary/contract accounting and finance opportunities to choose from. This is a great way to boost your resume in a short period of time, so when you’re ready to settle down into a full-time job again, you’ll be an even more competitive candidate.

Contract-to-Hire Opportunities

You’re trying to leave a bad employment situation right now, so you’re understandably a bit leery about rushing into another job. A contract-to-hire position is a great option, because it allows you to try the job — and the company — on for size to see how it fits. If you don’t like it, there’s no obligation whatsoever to stay.

Direct-Hire Positions

Some people are only comfortable in a traditional, full-time job. If this is the case for you, feel confident in knowing your recruiter will get to work immediately to find a position that checks all your boxes. In fact, they might be working to fill your perfect job right now, so if you don’t make a career move immediately, you could miss out.

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Four Affordable (Yet Meaningful) Ways to Show Your Employees You Appreciate Their Hard Work

November 24th, 2017

‘Tis the season to show special people in your life how much you truly appreciate them. Your incredible employees put their all into making your company a success — and they do it with a smile on their face — so don’t forget to acknowledge their efforts.

Grand gestures are nice, but certainly not the only way to show your team how grateful you are for their hard work. If you’re short on cash, there’s plenty of meaningful gestures that will make your staff feel all warm and fuzzy, without breaking the bank.

Use these suggestions from the Seattle accounting recruiters at Accountingpros Recruiting + Staffing to shower your team with kindness during the holidays.

Write a ‘Thank You’ Note

Sincere displays of gratitude don’t have to cost a thing. Writing each person on your team a thank you note explaining exactly why you feel so fortunate to have them onboard will have a major impact. Make each person feel really special by noting specific reasons they make coming to work each day a pleasure.

Host a Pizza Lunch

Taking the entire team out for a fancy lunch would be fun, but a tab that size doesn’t fit the budget. Instead, treat them to a pizza lunch in the breakroom. Let them choose the toppings and give them a longer than normal lunch break, so everyone can enjoy a fun and delicious leisurely lunch.

Give Them a Gift Card

Gift cards make great presents, because they can be given in any denomination. Personalize the gift by choosing something unique for each person that you know they’ll like. For example, if one of your staffers goes to Starbucks every day, give them a $10 gift card to the coffee chain. When chosen properly, this will feel like customized gift, because employees know you took the time to select something specific for them.

Have a Mandatory Early Dismissal

You can’t put a price on extra hours of free time. Choose a day when your staff isn’t inundated with work — perhaps a Friday or the day before a holiday — and let them leave work a few hours early. This will help them get a better handle on all the holiday chores on their list or simply allow them a little extra time to spend with loved ones. Some of your most loyal, focused employees might opt to work through the early dismissal, so show them they come first by requiring them to get out of the office and enjoy the holidays.

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Four Reasons Employee Competition Can Improve Your Bottom Line Before 2018

November 17th, 2017

It seems pretty crazy, but the end of 2017 is rapidly approaching. If your net profits aren’t quite on target for the year, you’re probably starting to panic a bit. Falling short of goals never feels good, especially when they’re tied to money. The good news is, the situation is far from hopeless.

Challenging employees to a little friendly competition is both fun and a savvy way to push past the finish line. Accountingpros Recruiting + Staffing — one of the top accounting recruiting agencies in the Seattle area — explains why a little rivalry can seriously pay off.

Get Everyone on the Same Page

Often times, increasing profits is viewed as the sole responsibility of the sales team, but that’s unfair. Holding a contest unites everyone in the shared goal of bringing in additional revenue. When everyone is on the same page, all team members are accountable for generating extra business. Prepare to be amazed at the magic that will ensue when everyone gets together and works toward one shared goal.

Motivate People to Work Their Hardest

Chances are, many of your employees are natural competitors who absolutely hate losing at anything. Therefore, they’ll really take the contest seriously, which will inflate your bottom line. The more enticing the incentive, the more they’ll really get into the contest, so offer the winning team or person something universally attractive — i.e. cash or an extra vacation day.

Help Staffers Stay Focused

During the holiday season, work is often not at the forefront of employees’ minds. Instead, they’re focused on gift buying, party planning, and entertaining guests from out of town. Holding a competition is a savvy way to capture their attention and inspire them to concentrate on work.

Create a Sense of Comradery

Competition brings people together. You have the option of making the challenge a solo effort or splitting employees into groups, but if you choose the latter, prepare to see your staff unite in truly incredible ways. Staffers put on the same contest team, who otherwise rarely interact, will form an instant bond for the sake of winning. No one wants to let their peers down, so they’ll put all their effort into doing outstanding work.

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The Key Steps to Show Your Co-Workers You Appreciate Them During the Holiday Season

November 10th, 2017

November is here, which means the holiday season is just around the corner. More so than any other, this time of year is all about showing appreciation to those who make your life so happy.

Of course, your family and friends are the first people who come to mind, but you can’t forget about your work family. You spend an exorbitant amount of time with these people, so you’ve grown to really care about them.

Even if you’re currently searching for new accounting jobs in Seattle or plan to do so in the new year, you’re here right now, so don’t forget to show your peers how much they mean to you.

Four Ways to Show Gratitude to Your Co-Workers This Holiday Season


Lend a Helping Hand

For many people, the holidays are a busy time both at work and home. If one of your colleagues is having trouble balancing their personal and professional obligations, offer to assist with some of their work. Taking on an extra task that can be completed in an hour probably won’t seem like a big deal to you, but it might be the deciding factor on whether your co-worker can make it to their child’s school play.

Keep Up the Good Work

The holidays are filled with shopping, parties, and visits from family and friends who live out of town, so work is often the last thing on your mind. Of course, work still has to be completed during this time of year, and if you’re not doing it, your colleagues are forced to pick up the slack. Show how much you respect and appreciate them by pulling your full weight the entire season.

Have a Cheery Attitude

Most people are joyful during the holidays, but this time of year isn’t for everyone. If you can’t wait for January to get here already, check your Scrooge-ish attitude at the door and put on a happy face. No one wants to work alongside a Grinch, so display gratitude to your peers by being pleasant and not ruining their good moods.

Be Kind to Everyone

Offices are a mash of very different personalities, so chances are, you don’t see eye-to-eye with everyone. This holiday season, put your differences aside and be nice to your workplace rival(s). Doing so will let them know you really do value them as a colleague and appreciate their contributions to the company.

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Why You Should Take a Contract Accounting Assignment When Considering a New Job in North Seattle

November 3rd, 2017

If you’re ready to find a new job in North Seattle, consider taking on a contract assignment. This non-traditional form of employment is one of the best-kept secrets in the professional world.

Anything but a random dead-end job, top Seattle recruiters will help you find a contract gig that boosts your candidacy. This is a savvy way to earn a paycheck while gaining valuable contacts and experience that can grow your career to a whole new level.

Three Reasons to Take a Contract Accounting Job in North Seattle

Try It on For Size

Switching jobs is always a gamble, because you can’t know what it will be like to hold the new position until you’re actually in it. This gives you a chance to give it a trial run, to see if both the job itself and the company culture are a fit. Taking this route allows you to learn more about yourself and exactly what you’re looking for in a new opportunity and employer.

If you find your North Seattle contract opportunity checks all your boxes, your recruiter might be able to help you turn it into a full-time gig. On the other hand, if the job doesn’t work out, there’s no obligation to stay with company when your contract expires.

Bulk Up Your Resume

Your talent and ambition will take you high up the ladder, but you might not quite have all the skills needed to secure your dream job. A contract accounting job is the perfect solution, because it gives you the opportunity to acquire a great deal of experience in a short period of time. You can complete just one contract assignment or follow it up with a few more if you want to continue expanding your resume.

Expand Your Network

As a contract worker, you’ll have the opportunity to meet a host of new professionals at every North Seattle company you’re assigned to. Even accepting one contract job will put you in touch with several new contacts, but the more assignments you take on, the more expansive your network will become. You never know who will be able to help you get your dream job, so the larger your network grows, the better.

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Seeing Calm in the Chaos: How to Regroup Among an Otherwise Crazy Day

October 27th, 2017

Some days are much crazier than others, but if you’re able to stay calm, you’ll get through it just fine. Busy periods like quarter-end and tax season can fluster even the most composed people, so you have to know how to find the calm in the chaos.

As one of the top accounting recruiting agencies in the Northwest, Accountingpros Recruiting + Staffing knows a thing or two about navigating a hectic day. Use these tips to maintain your cool and end the day on a high note.

Get Organized

Feeling out of control can make your stress levels rise, so establish a sense of structure. Make a list of every task you need to complete before the end of the day and create a schedule to accomplish it all. When you have a plan in place, it’s a lot easier to stay on track.

Make Your Well-Being a Priority

During a hectic day, it’s easy to develop tunnel vision, but you’ll run out of steam if you don’t take care of yourself. Stop for lunch and be cognizant of the amount of water you’re drinking. You might think you don’t have time to eat, but you can’t afford not to. Keeping your stomach full and your body hydrated will give you the energy needed to power through the day.

Step Away for a Few Minutes

Breaks aren’t typically a priority on a busy day, but they should be. Heading outside for a quick walk or making a trip to the coffee shop will clear your mind and help you relax. Spending the day in a hectic work environment can take a toll, so having a few minutes of peace can make all the difference.

Expect the Unexpected

Chaotic days are often filled with surprises, so assume everything won’t go according to plan. You can’t do anything about curveballs that throw your day off-course, but you can control your reaction. Try to take things in stride, because no problem is too big for you to solve.

Relax and Unwind

Take some time for yourself at the end of the day. Hit the gym, binge-watch a few of your favorite TV shows, or enjoy a long, hot soak in the tub. This will allow you to decompress and leave the stress of the day behind you. Winding down will help you fall asleep, allowing you to wake up feeling energized the next morning.

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Heading to a Career Fair – Here’s How You Can Make the Most of Your Time Spent There!

October 20th, 2017

Career fairs can be a great way to meet dozens — or even hundreds — of potential candidates at once. You’ll probably come across many who hadn’t previously heard of your company or didn’t know much about the business, allowing you to captivate a new audience.

As one of the most successful accounting employment agencies in Seattle, Accountingpros Recruiting + Staffing encourages you to set up shop at job fairs marketed to your demographic. Of course, simply showing up won’t accomplish much, so use these tips to get the most from it.

Create an Eye-Catching Setup

The more enticing your booth, the more candidates will want to stop by. Creating a polished and professional structure will capture attendees’ attention and reflect positively on your business. Just make sure you know the size of your spot, any restrictions set by the organizers, and that you have enough help to get it up and running before participants arrive.

Get Out in the Crowd

Job fairs can be overwhelming for attendees, so if you don’t draw them in, many will pass by your booth. Always stand in front of the table, and when possible, step out in the crowd and introduce yourself to passersby, because a little extra effort can go a long way.

After standing for awhile, you’ll probably be tempted to sit down and take a break, but resist the urge and tough it out. Sitting down sends the impression you’re not really interested in connecting with candidates.

Know What Jobs You’re Trying to Fill

People attend career fairs because they’re looking for work, so know what you have to offer. The best candidates won’t waste their time talking to a recruiter who doesn’t know if there’s a place for them at the company.

Engage Attendees

During the event, you’ll talk to a lot of candidates, so you have to find a way to identify top prospects. Preparing a couple questions to screen those interested in applying is a smart move, because it allows you to get an idea of who might be a good fit. Takes notes, because you won’t remember many specifics by the end of the day.

Make Connections

People attend a job fair to make connections. If you simply pitch your company to them and point them to your website to find job openings, they’re going to feel like talking to you was a waste of time. Bring plenty of business cards to hand out to interested prospects and encourage them to reach out. This will temporarily flood your inbox, but it’s just part of the process.

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With Q4 Upon Us, Now is the Perfect Time to Evaluate Your Work-Life Balance. Are You Overdoing It at the Office?

October 13th, 2017

It’s hard to believe it, but 2017 is starting to draw to a close. Now that the fourth quarter is upon us, take some time for a little self-reflection.

If much of your free time this year has been consumed by work, it could be time for a change. You might want to start looking for other accounting jobs in Seattle that offer a better work-life balance or find a way to cut back at your current job.

Four Signs You’re Overdoing It at the Office

You’re Constantly Exhausted

It’s normal to be tired after an eight-hour day of work, but most people go home and relax, waking up recharged the next day. Regularly burning the midnight oil during the workweek, and often continuing to work on the weekends puts a strain on your body. If you haven’t already developed health problems, you likely will, because stretching yourself too thin comes at a price.

You’re Always Sick

As noted above, working yourself to the bone can literally make you sick. When you’re consumed with work, exercising, eating healthy, and getting a full night’s sleep often don’t happen. This weakens your immune system, causing you to get sick frequently. Constantly battling illness isn’t good for your health and it can cause you to rack up sick days.

Hobbies Have Become a Thing of the Past

You used to enjoy filling your free time with fun activities — i.e. hiking, cooking, reading — but now you work too much to fit them in. This diminishes your quality of life, and it’s also bad for your health. Leisurely pastimes are fun, and they also help relieve stress. If you don’t have time to do the things in life you enjoy, work has overstepped its bounds.

You Don’t Get to Spend Much Time With Loved Ones

Time spent with family and friends is priceless. If work has taken you away from more family dinners, kids’ soccer games, birthdays, and holidays than you can count this year, it’s time to reprioritize. No job is worth sacrificing precious moments with those you care about the most. If you stay on this path, your future will be filled with regrets about memories you didn’t get to make.

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Do These Three Things Immediately After Leaving a Career Fair!

October 6th, 2017

If you play your cards right, attending a career fair can be an incredible networking experience. Having the chance to meet with recruiters from a variety of companies under one roof saves a lot of time and can expose you to prospective employers that previously weren’t on your radar.

As one of the leading Seattle accounting temp agencies, Accountingpros Recruiting + Staffing encourages you to make the most of every career fair by taking the following three steps as soon as you arrive home.

Get Organized

You probably left the career fair with a pile of papers, a stack of business cards, and a bunch of nearly incoherent notes scrawled on them. Make sure nothing important gets lost in the shuffle by taking the time to put it all in order.

When everything is organized, create a spreadsheet and input the name and contact information of the recruiter you spoke with at each company and any notes about your conversation. Take it a step further by creating a column to specify if you applied for a job at the organization and when, as this will be very helpful in your search.

Email Thank You Notes

During a job fair, recruiters often speak with hundreds of candidates. Stay on their mind by promptly following up with a thank you note via email. Sending it the same day increases the chance they’ll remember you, but be sure to mention something specific the two of you discussed, to help jog their memory.

Ponder Lessons Learned

Before your job search comes to an end, it’s very possible you’ll end up at another career fair. Make your next event even more valuable by contemplating what went well and what didn’t. For example, maybe your elevator pitch wasn’t particularly impressive, but your idea to make a list of the companies you wanted to visit in advance helped save a lot of time.

Finding the right accounting or finance job isn’t easy, but Accountingpros Recruiting + Staffing is here to assist. We have connections with many top Northwest employers, and we want to share them with you! There’s no need to delay, so contact us today to start your search.