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Hiring in Seattle? Start 2014 Strong with These Tips

January 10th, 2014

There’s no better time to start fresh than the beginning of a new year. Now that 2014 has officially arrived, you’re probably working hard to create a plan for success this year.

Starting the year off by hiring new employees is an exciting way to foster success. A larger staff can make your business more productive and allow for the generation of many new and innovative ideas.

Three Tips to Effectively Manage Your Workforce
Before beginning to add to your workforce, it’s important to assess your company to make sure you have a plan in place to effectively manage both your new hires and existing staff members. Use these three tips to better manage your team in 2014:

  1. Create a Positive Work Environment.
    Your company is only as strong as the employees behind your brand. It’s important to keep them happy, so they value their jobs and enjoy coming to work each day. If you don’t already offer perks like paid time off and flexible working arrangements, consider implementing these changes in the new year. Managers also play a key role in an employee’s level of job satisfaction, so make sure everyone in these leadership roles has received proper training on effective management techniques.
  2. Provide Proper Training.
    Make sure new employees attend a new hire orientation to get them acquainted with your company values and what you stand for. Additionally, it’s essential that each person is thoroughly trained on how to do their job. Not receiving proper training can lead to frequent and expensive errors, as well as levels high employee turnover. It’s also important to realize that training doesn’t end at orientation ─ workers should constantly be given the opportunity to enhance their skills, even those who have been in their jobs for years.
  3. Open the Lines of Communication.
    People are more excited and engaged in their work when they feel like their opinion counts. Listen to what your employees have to say and work with them to set goals that encourage personal and professional growth. Showing people that you value their thoughts and are invested in them as a person creates asatisfied workforce.

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Job Searching Tips for Spokane Professionals

December 27th, 2013

Job hunting can be a very stressful activity ─ especially if you’re currently out of work. When you need a job badly, you’re often desperate for a hiring manager to choose you. However, being too eager isn’t often seen as desirable quality in a candidate. In fact, it can work against you.

Tips to Stop Looking Desperate During a Job Search

There’s a delicate balance between showing enthusiasm to a hiring manager and appearing overeager. Follow these tips to avoid the latter:

  • Get to the Point.
    When writing a cover letter, resume, email or even during the actual job interview, less is typically more. Using long sentences distracts from your main point and causes a hiring manager to lose interest. Do yourself a favor and get to the point quickly, highlighting your strengths immediately.
  • Don’t Share Your Sob Story.
    If you got laid off and are having trouble paying your bills or currently have a monster of a boss that you’re aching to get away from, it’s unfortunate, but these sad stories have no part in your job interview. While the hiring manager might feel bad for you, it also makes you look desperate to find a job ─ any job ─ which does not make for a strong candidate.
  • Avoid Bringing Up Shortcomings.
    When you’re insecure about certain areas of your resume, it’s natural to feel the need to explain them. However, something that’s a big deal to you, such as a poor academic record or a few gaps in your resume, may not matter much to the interviewer. Unless you’re specifically asked about these issues, don’t bring them up, as it makes you appear insecure and unsure of yourself.
  • Choose Words Wisely.
    Using desperate language such as “beggars can’t be choosers” or “I’ll do anything for work” is not attractive to a hiring manager. An employer wants to hire a candidate who is confident in their abilities and excited about the chance to work in that particular position, not someone who’s willing to take the first job they’re offered.
  • Play a Little Hard to Get.
    Don’t make the hiring manager chase you down, but answering the phone on the first ring, returning emails immediately, and offering to drop anything to meet anytime is a bit intense. Respond promptly to inquiries, but not instantly, to make it seem like you’re in demand and not beyond desperate for work.

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Motivate Your Accounting Staff with These Incentives

December 20th, 2013

While temporary employees may only be around for a short period of time, the work they complete is just as important as that of your full-time staff. It’s certainly no secret that employees respond well to incentive programs and temporary workers should not be excluded from these programs.


When creating incentive programs for contract employees, it’s important to focus on short-term goals they can achieve during their time working at your company. Incentive programs can include individual contests, team challenges, and rewards for meeting specific goals. Not only does this entice workers to exceed expectations, it also shows them how much their hard work is appreciated.


Incentive Ideas for Temporary Accounting Staff
Need ideas for incentives to offer contract workers? Reward your temporary staff in the following ways:

  • Gift Cards. Purchase gift cards for local restaurants and movie theaters to hand out when employees win contests or meet goals you’ve set for them.
  • Cash Bonuses. Everyone loves a cash bonus. Offer bonuses for completing projects by a certain deadline or as a set percentage of sales made.
  • Free Lunch. When contract employees put extra effort into a project, working late nights and weekends, show your gratitude by purchasing lunch for them.
  • Team Rewards. Encourage teamwork by offering incentives based on group performance. This forces people to work together and be accountable to one another. When the goal is reached, offer a specific reward or opt to let team members vote on one together.
  • Paid Time Off. Temporary workers often do not receive paid time off, so this is a very attractive incentive. Offer employees to the chance to take a few hours of paid time off after working a certain number of hours at your company. This creates greater job satisfaction, enticing people to do better work.
  • Discount Program. If your company has an employee discount program, allow contract workers to take part. This won’t cost any money on your part, but will allow them to save money at local businesses.


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Hiring Spokane Accounting Professionals Based on References

December 13th, 2013

Choosing the right accounting professional for the job can be a difficult decision ─ especially when you have your candidates narrowed down to the final two or three and they all seem like a great fit. One great way to choose the best person for the job is to contact the professional references of the final contenders. This gives you a chance to gain valuable insights on the candidates, from someone who has in-depth knowledge of their skills and experience.


According to the 2010 Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) Background Checking: Conducting Reference Background Checks, the following are good reasons to contact a candidate’s references:

  • To assess past performance and predict future performance.
  • To ensure that credentials such as education, position or skills are accurately represented by the candidate.
  • To assess the trustworthiness of the candidate.
  • To reduce legal liability for negligent hiring.
  • To reduce or prevent theft and embezzlement or other types of financial crimes.
  • To ensure a safe work environment for employees.
  • To determine if salary history has been accurately represented.

While all references may not be willing or able to answer all your questions to your liking, it’s important to at least try to get answers. In some cases you may be able to get the response you want by rephrasing the question or listening between the lines to catch the tone of their voice.


Questions to Ask a Professional Reference
It’s important to prepare a list of relevant questions prior to calling a candidate’s references, so you’re able to discover key information. This is your chance to talk with someone who has first-hand knowledge of the candidate and can provide definitive answers regarding their past experience.

Ask these five questions to get a well-rounded description of the candidate and their suitability for the job:

  1. What kind of duties and responsibilities did the candidate have?
  2. Did the candidate regularly go above and beyond their duties to exceed expectations?
  3. Describe the main tasks the candidate will be required to perform if hired for the new position and ask the reference to evaluate how they think the person will perform.
  4. Was the employee a team player or more of a solo performer?
  5. Did the employee have an acceptable attendance record and a history of arriving to work on time?


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Create a Cover Letter that Helps You Stand Out in Seattle

December 6th, 2013

The importance of not just creating a cover letter ─ but a high-quality, first-rate one ─ cannot be stressed enough. It’s the first impression you’ll give a potential employer, which will likely make or break your chances of scoring an interview with the company. In fact, many hiring managers will never even look at your resume if they’re not captivated by your cover letter.

How to Write an Exceptional Cover Letter

Now that you understand the value of writing a dazzling cover letter, it’s time to get to work. The more time and effort you put into your cover letter, the better results you’re likely to gain from it.

Follow these five tips when writing your cover letter:

  • Make it Personal.
    Writing one generic cover letter and sending it to 50 different companies isn’t going to get your anywhere. Tailor each one to the specific position you’re applying for. This includes addressing it to the proper hiring manager, using the exact job title listed in the posting, and explaining exactly why you’d like to work for the company.
  • Explain Why You are a Great Fit.
    Instead of simply listing your own accomplishments and skill set, use the requirements listed in the posting to explain the value you would bring to the company if hired. Focus on what you can do for the company, not what the company could do for you.
  • Proofread, Proofread, Proofread.
    The importance of making sure your cover letter contains no errors cannot be stressed enough. Misspelled words, awkward phrasing, and grammatical mistakes make you look sloppy. Most employers will automatically disqualify you if your cover letter contains these, so proofread and if at all possible, ask someone else to review it too.
  • Get to the Point.
    Your cover letter is likely one of many the hiring manager must read to narrow down the candidate list. It’s important to make your main points immediately, so the person doesn’t simply get bored and move on to the next applicant. Keep your cover letter brief at two to three paragraphs and use bullet points to highlight your main points.
  • Close Effectively.
    Wrap your cover letter up by very briefly explaining why you’re the best candidate for the job. Do this in one or two sentences to avoid rambling and repeating yourself.


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Three Things to Look for on a Resume with an Employment Gap

November 29th, 2013

When recruiting for open accounting positions at your company, you want to hire only the best and brightest people. You probably examine a number of different factors on each candidate’s resume to determine if they’re a good fit for the job, including applicable skills, experience, and education.

When looking over a resume, large employment gaps may seem like a red flag, however it is important to still give individuals a chance during the screening process to determine their full potential. It’s also essential to gain an understanding of the reason behind the employment gap.

Three Things to Look for on a Resume with an Employment Gap

There are countless reasons why a person may have an employment gap on their resume. Instead of immediately disqualifying them from your list of potential candidates, review their resume to look for the following three things:

  • Reason for Employment Gap.
    While it’s easy to jump to conclusions and assume a person hasn’t been employed for quite some time because they’re a bad worker, there are many other common reasons behind employment gaps. Many people take a break from working to care for a child or another an ailing loved one. Others may have resigned from their last position to enroll in a full-time continuing education program.
  • Updated Skills and Knowledge.
    To remain competitive in the accounting field, professionals must stay up-to-date on current computer programs, in addition to ever-changing rules, regulations, and laws impacting the industry. Check to see if the candidate has stayed current on relevant skills and knowledge. If so, they’re likely just as suited for the position as someone currently in the workforce.
  • Relevant Experience.
    Just because a person isn’t collecting a paycheck doesn’t mean they’re not doing relevant work to add to add to their resume. An out-of-work candidate may have spent her employment gap doing the bookkeeping for her church on a volunteer basis or taking on pro bono payroll duties at the family business.


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Implementing an Office Policy (That Lasts!)

November 22nd, 2013

Put simply, people struggle with change. When workers get comfortable in a certain routine, they often aren’t too eager to switch things up. This can make it a challenge to implement a new office policy, as people don’t want divert from standard procedure. However, sometimes change is not only necessary, but for the best.

How to Effectively Implement an Office Policy
Executing a new office policy can be a challenge at first, as many people are resistant to change. Read these tips to learn how to introduce and enforce new rules at your company:

  • Ask for Input.
    The best way to get your employees onboard with a new policy is to ask for their input before finalizing it. There might be a few changes you can make that won’t impact the overall effectiveness of your policy, but will make it more manageable for your staff.
  • Explain the Need.
    If your staff thinks you’ve created a new policy simply because you can, they’re probably not going to be too thrilled to start following it. However, if you hold a meeting to discuss the reasons behind the new policy, they’ll see you’ve developed it with good reasoning and will be more likely to get onboard with it.
  • Lead by Example.
    It’s not fair for you to enforce a new policy on your staff, but not follow it yourself. If you want your employees to take the new rule seriously, you must lead by example. So if you’ve decided to enforce a policy where people have to be in the office by 8am, you better not show up at 9am.
  • Enforce It.
    People often follow a new rule for the first few days, then begin to get more relaxed with it, hoping the boss will forget about it. If you’re really serious about the new policy, it’s important to enforce it on your entire staff, all the time. When you catch someone violating the policy, politely call them out on it, to let them know the behavior is no longer acceptable.


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Stay Top of Mind with a Follow-Up Email

November 15th, 2013

Differentiating yourself in a job search is essential to landing the job. One very effective way to achieve this is to send a follow up email after your interview thanking the hiring manager and anyone else in the room for their time. Not only is this polite, it also reiterates your interest in the position and brings you to the top of the interviewer’s mind.

After a long day of talking with candidates it can be difficult to remember specific conversations with each person, so a follow up email can serve as an effective reminder. This final step in the interviewing process is very valuable and must not be missed.

Five Tips to Write a Great Thank You Email
Sending a strong follow up email is an important part of the interview process. Use these five tips to craft a well-written message promoting yourself as a well-rounded candidate:

  • Make it Personal.
    Refresh the hiring manager’s mind by touching on a key element of your conversation. This adds a personal touch to the note that not only helps you to stand out from the other candidates, but also shows that you have enough interest in the job to write a highly personalized note.
  • Build on Your Discussion.
    If you feel like there’s a question you could’ve answered better during the interview, use the thank you letter as a place to continue the discussion. Don’t come out and say you felt like you didn’t explain yourself well the first time, but instead state your points clearly, as if to extend the conversation.
  • Thank Everyone.
    When more than one person interviews you, it’s important to send each interviewer a follow up email. In addition to the hiring manager, other people commonly included in job interviews are team members you would be working closely with, so you don’t want to give impression that you’re only trying to impress the boss.
  • Close with a Bold Ending.
    Display confidence in yourself as a candidate by concluding your email with a strong statement. Tell the hiring manager you’re looking forward to hearing from him.
  • Be Timely.
    Don’t wait longer than one day after the interview to send the follow up email. Waiting any longer makes it look like you’re not really that interested in the job.

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Top Reasons To Consider Finding A New Job

November 8th, 2013

If you’re unhappy at your current job, it may be time to move on. Learn seven reasons to quit your job and seek an exciting, new challenge elsewhere.

If you’ve been working for your current company for awhile, trying to decide if it’s time to quit can be a tough call. While you may be unhappy in your job or not a huge fan of the company itself, you may wonder if it gets better elsewhere?

Seven Reasons to Quit Your Job
If even one of the following statements sounds familiar, it’s time to dust off your resume and start looking for a rewarding new job:

  1. The Company is Failing.
    If the company you work for is consistently losing money and customers, causing rumors of layoffs and bankruptcy, it’s time to get out of there. It’s best to start looking for a great new job now, than be forced to take the first one you can get if the company really does fold.
  2. You Don’t Get Along with Your Boss.
    Not only does getting along with your boss make your day more pleasant, it also opens to door to future promotions and increased opportunities to make a name for yourself at the company. If there’s really nothing you can do to mend the relationship, it’s best to start fresh at a new job.
  3. Corporate Culture Conflict.
    To enjoy your job and be great at it you need to believe in the company. If your beliefs are not aligned with the mission of the company, continuing to work there will not be beneficial to you or the organization. Find a new job at a company you’re passionate about.
  4. You Dread Going to Work Each Day.
    If a job well done no longer feels rewarding, something is missing. You spend a great deal of your life at work, so being miserable all day, every day at your job is no way to live.
  5. The Company is Corrupt.
    Working for a company that takes advantage of customers is not a good feeling, even if your specific job doesn’t involve immoral dealings. Get out of there and find work at a company who appreciates its customers.
  6. You Can’t Stand Your Co-Workers.
    While it’s certainly not necessary to be best friends with your co-workers, getting along with them is essential. Working in a combative environment with people you can’t function properly with is not healthy and will make your stress levels soar sky-high.
  7. You’re Bored.
    If your job has become so mundane you feel like you could do it while sleeping and there doesn’t seem to be much of an opportunity to take on new responsibilities, it’s time to seek work elsewhere. Taking on new challenges allows you to expand your skill-set and grow as a person, if you’re stuck in a rut of boredom, you’re not getting that.


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Who is Accountingpros?

October 31st, 2013

Looking for talented accounting professionals to fill open positions at your company? Or perhaps you’re skilled worker seeking a fulfilling new challenge?

Accountingpros is here to help with all your staffing needs. We’re an independent specialized accounting and finance recruiting and staffing firm serving the Seattle business community since 1994. We use a consultative approach to provide customized accounting and staffing services to fit the specific needs of our customers. At Accountingpros, we offer nothing but the best personalized recruiting service.

Our firm is directed by Erick. C. Fahsholtz, a native of Bellevue, Washington. Erick holds a BA in Finance from the University of Washington and an MBA in Accounting from Seattle University. He’s also an inactive Certified Public Accountant and has experience working in the areas of audit and taxation for big six accounting firms.

Areas of Specialty

Our specialized industry specific recruiting managers match top candidates with leading employers in the Puget Sound region in the areas of:

  • Accounting & Finance — accounting manager, controller, credit manager, payroll manager, financial analyst, senior accountant, staff accountant, and FC bookkeeper.
  • Audit & Taxation — audit manager, audit accountant, tax manager, and tax accountant.
  • Cost Accounting — cost accounting manager and cost accountant.
  • Analytics & Reporting — analytics and reporting.
  • Accounting Support — accounting clerk, accounts payable clerk, accounts receivable clerk, payroll clerk, collections clerk, and bookkeeper.

Reasons to Partner with Us

At Accountingpros, we strive to satisfy both of our clients — our customers and our employees. We understand that our clients build our reputation and serve as the foundation to our success.

We bring the companies we work with a wide-range of benefits and services, including:

  • An extensive talent pool filled with candidates exhibiting specific industry knowledge and skills.
  • A variety of recruiting and staffing services designed to fit diverse needs, including — temporary/contract, temp-to-hire, and direct-hire candidates.
  • Experienced recruiting managers with proven industry experience.

Our talented group of job-seekers enjoy advantages such as:

  • Career counseling, training, and excellent benefits for our contract professionals.
  • Abundant recruiting resources, including — social media, online job sites, local media sources, local university and technical schools, and broad employee referral network.
  • Working with experienced recruiting managers industry-specific expertise.


Whether you need assistance finding the best candidate for the job or in making the next step in your career, contact Accountingpros today to learn more about our recruitment process.