Why You Should Hire an “Outside-of-the-Box” Thinker Instead of a Process-Driven Individual

March 7th, 2018

When working to fill open positions on your team, you’ll find two very different types of candidates — those who think outside the box and those who are solely process driven. It doesn’t matter if you’re hiring accounting contract support in Seattle or filling any other type of position, it’s always wise to focus on people who dare to be different.

Process-driven individuals are practically-minded people who always follow the rules, which is nice, but they won’t propel your company to the top. When you compile a team of employees who think outside the box, the sky’s the limit, because they’re not afraid to cut through the red tape.

Four Reasons to Hire Professionals Who Think Outside the Box

Increased Creativity

Process-driven professionals are practical thinkers who don’t put much stock in originality, but following standard protocol won’t earn you a competitive advantage. Those with a think-outside-the-box mentality are natural creatives who see things from a different perspective. Their unique vision can be helpful in everything from finding inventive ways to cut costs to come up with ideas for brilliant new products and services.

Push Toward Innovation

Doing things the way they’ve always been done is the standard for process-driven individuals because, in this mindset, there’s no need to fix something that isn’t broken. This strategy doesn’t leave much room for innovation because it’s hard to move forward when using the same old tactics. On the other hand, outside-the-box thinkers are constantly on the path to advancement, because they’re always trying something new.

Quickly Adaptable

It’s hard for process-driven individuals to switch gears, because their strategy is largely rigid. If you need to adjust business operations, doing so will take them awhile, because they’ll have to re-write their rulebook. Conversely, those who think outside the box are inherently flexible, because they have the capacity to change course on a dime. Just give them the word and they’ll get right to work on any new initiative put in front of them.

Seamless Problem-Solving

When the going gets rough, process-driven professionals get frustrated. Unless there’s a page in their rulebook that specifically addresses how to handle a specific problem, they’ll go into panic mode. Those who think outside the box are very different in a crisis, because they’re quick thinkers whose minds are always open to new ideas. They actually enjoy the problem-solving process, because it gives them a chance to put their creativity to work.

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