Should You Send Another Follow Up Email if Your Interviewer Doesn’t Reply to the First?

February 20th, 2015

It’s a great feeling to walk away from a job interview knowing you nailed it, but this sentiment can quickly change when you don’t receive a response to your promptly sent follow-up email. Waiting to hear your fate on a job you really want is nothing short of agonizing. After staring at your inbox for a few days only to receive nothing, it’s often beyond tempting to send yet another email ─ but resist the temptation at all costs!

You have no idea why the interviewer hasn’t responded to your message, so don’t risk making a nuisance of yourself. Pestering them for a reply may actually inadvertently hurt your chances of getting the job.

4 Common Reasons Why
You May Not Get a Response

There are countless reasons why an interviewer may not send a timely response to your follow-up email. A few common explanations include:

  1. Company Policy: Some organizations have strict rules forbidding hiring managers to communicate with candidates during the interview process. Responding to your email could simply be a legal issue that they don’t want to risk. If this is the case, you can be rest assured that your follow up email was received and your continued interested was noted.
  2. Lack of Respect: Unfortunately, some companies aren’t very considerate. They have a lack of regard for the time and effort it took for you to come in for the interview and seemingly don’t care that you’re eagerly awaiting a reply. While this behavior is beyond frustrating, it may be a blessing in disguise as you don’t want to work for someone who displays such little empathy.
  3. They’re Really Busy: Even the most well-meaning interviewers may forget to reply to your email solely because they’re really busy. Many hiring managers are tasked with managing the interview process on top of their normal duties, causing them to be faced with an unmanageable workload. They may still be interviewing other candidates and struggling to perform double duty.
  4. Another Candidate Has Been Selected: It’s possible that the company has extended an offer to another candidate and is waiting to finalize the deal before letting you know you weren’t chosen. The interviewer may not want to lead you on, but simply isn’t sure what to say yet.

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