Looking for a New Job? Clean Up Your Social Media First!

October 31st, 2014

Social media is a great way to connect with family and friends. However, it can also be an easy way to ruin your chances of getting your dream job.

If you think hiring managers don’t scour the Internet to find your social media profiles ─ think again. Your presence on major platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest is easily accessible, serving as a great way for potential employers to learn more about you.

5 Ways to Clean Up Your Social Media Profiles

Preparing to start your job search? Take the following five steps to clean up your social media profiles first:

  • Choose a Professional Profile Picture: Sure, an outrageous or inappropriate profile picture will get a few laughs from your friends, but it won’t impress any hiring managers. Choose a profile photo for each of your social media sites that you wouldn’t be embarrassed for a future employer to see.
  • Think Twice Before Posting: Some topics just aren’t meant for social media. Avoid posting on sensitive topics such as politics and religion ─ and never use profanity. You don’t want to risk offending a hiring manager with controversial content. If you’re not sure if something is appropriate to post, it probably isn’t.
  • Enable Privacy Settings: If you don’t want a potential employer to see your profile ─ or certain parts of it ─ enable privacy settings to restrict who is able to view it. All major social media platforms allow you to put privacy settings in place, allowing you to effectively create separate public and private online personas.
  • Review Who You Follow: On sites like Facebook and Twitter, it’s easy to forget who you’ve followed or “liked.” Closely examine who you’re keeping up with to make sure you don’t have anyone controversial on your list, as this information is public. Updates from these users may be entertaining, but they’re certainly not worth risking a job to read.
  • Share Industry-Relevant Updates: Demonstrate your sincere interest in your industry by using your social media accounts to position yourself as an industry leader. Post relevant articles, follow leading professionals and share your thoughts on current trends.

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