Don’t Forget Etiquette When Emailing or Texting

July 2nd, 2014

These days, hiring managers don’t always pick up the phone when they want to speak with you. Instead many savvy companies email and text candidates with questions, comments, and important interview information.

While business communication methods have become a bit more relaxed, it’s still just as important to mind your etiquette when corresponding with a hiring manager. Allowing yourself to become too relaxed can quickly take away the credibility you’ve worked hard to build, making you appear unprofessional.

4 Tips for Professional Emails and Text Messages

Need a little help understanding professional email and text etiquette? Follow these five tips when crafting your next message:

  1. Never Use Shorthand: While abbreviations like “lol” and “how r u?” have become standard when emailing and texting friends and family, communicating in this manner with a hiring manager is a huge don’t. Spell all words and phrases out in their entirety, without exception.
  2. Double Check Spelling and Grammar: When you’re trying to send a text message or an email from a mobile device, the screen is much smaller, so it’s a lot easier to make spelling and grammatical errors. Always take the time to double check your message prior to sending, to ensure it doesn’t contain any errors.
  3. Steer Clear of Emoticons: Many people enjoy sending a smiley faces and other emoticons to help convey the tone of the message. While this is a perfectly acceptable practice for personal emails and texts, it is absolutely never okay for a professional correspondence. No hiring manager will take you seriously if you return their text with a winking face.
  4. Respond Promptly: Hiring managers are well aware that most candidates have their mobile devices with them the majority of the time. Therefore, it’s important not to wait more than 24 hours to respond to a message ─ less if at all possible. Waiting too long to return the message makes you appear disinterested, which certainly won’t help your chances of getting the job.

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