Why You Should Always Take a Recruiter’s Call

May 23rd, 2014

When you’re currently employed or on assignment, you may think your recruiter is the last person you need to talk to. If you see their name appear on your caller ID, your first thought may be to ignore it, but this is certainly not a wise move. Even when you’re not currently looking for work, your recruiter is always a valuable resource to stay in contact with.

Reasons to Take Your Recruiter’s Call

  1. Access to Your Dream Job: You never know why your recruiter is contacting you. Wouldn’t it be frustrating if they were calling you to interview for your dream job, but you opted to ignore their calls? Always pick up the phone and hear the reason why they’re calling ─ if it’s a job offer you’re not interested in, simply say you’re not open to new opportunities at the moment.
  2. Update Your Skills: Periodically touching base with your recruiter is advisable to ensure your skills are updated in their database. If you’ve taken on new responsibilities since your last chat, it’s important to let them know, as this may expand your career options.

  3. Maintain the Relationship: Even if you’re satisfied in your current position, it’s always good to maintain your relationship with your recruiter in case you find yourself wanting help finding a new job down the road. By taking the time to invest in this partnership now, you can enjoy a peace of mind in knowing you can count on them when you need them.

  4. Planning for the Future: Taking your recruiter’s calls gives you the chance to work on a career plan for the future. If you keep them updated on your future career plans they can help steer you down the path where you ultimately want to end up. Not only can they alert you when certain types of positions become available, they can advise you on things you can do now to increase your marketability.


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