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Company Profile 

Founded in 1994, Accountingpros (a specialty division of Provisional Services, Inc.) is an accounting and finance recruiting and staffing firm serving the Northwest business community.

Accountingpros has specialized industry specific Recruiting Managers to serve key markets and talent areas:

  • An extensive pool of candidates with specific industry knowledge and skills
  • A full suite of recruiting and staffing services including: contract, contract-to-hire, and direct-hire candidates.
  • Career counseling, training, and excellent benefits to our contract professionals
  • Wide-ranging use of recruiting resources, including: social media, online job sites, local media sources, local university and technical schools, and broad employee referral network
  • Experienced Recruiting Managers with proven specialized industry experience and expertise



Accountingpros philosophy is simple. We believe we have two clients - our customers and our employees. Our success and reputation is built around each. We know our relationship with both is mutually beneficial and we continually strive to satisfy each at the highest possible level.


Mission Statement

Accountingpros is the Northwest's premier specialized accounting and finance recruiting and staffing service. We are committed to outstanding service for both our clients and employees. We our dedicated to:

  • Exceeding client and employee expectations
  • Demonstrating professionalism, integrity, and dedication
  • Developing long-term relationships based on trust and respect
  • Being socially responsible and making a difference in the community


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